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You’ll find Zone Marketing at all kinds of different venues. If you’d like to know where we are going to next, just call us or email.


Auto Shows

From the big and brash events to the smaller shows that make up the seasonal tour, Auto Shows are a critical component of most marketing plans. Large investments are made to highlight the Brand, generate awareness for nameplates and get consumers excited about making a buying decision. Zone Marketing likes to supercharge all of it, plus get to the real reason for showing up…selling vehicles! Our approach is designed to move consumers through their purchase funnel by facilitating the relationship from the point of data capture through to delivering quality leads to dealers.

Mall Tours

Mall tours are as close to retail events as you’re going to get. They give you an opportunity to create the buzz of Auto Shows within a handshake of your dealers. Zone Marketing supercharges displays, putting bums in seats and working our communications plan to influence prospects into the local dealerships for a test drive.


Office Towers

When consumers are at work, they welcome a break to explore things that really get them excited, and nothing’s better than getting up close and personal with a new vehicle. Zone Marketing supercharges the experience by engaging consumers in an interactive display, capturing the right information and keeping in contact to influence their buying behavior. In other words, we convert prospects into your customers


Sports Events

Sporting events are hectic, energized events. Zone Marketing taps into the energy by giving sports fans a reason to become your fans. We actively engage consumers in an enthusiastic experience that aligns with the venue and gives us an opportunity to capture vital information that we transform into relationships that convert to sales.


Consumer Events

Consumer events are shopping events, and we know how to leverage that mindset into a cache of prospects for your vehicles. Zone Marketing draws in the crowds, sparks consumer interest and captures information that we use to convert qualified prospects into your customers.